Begin at the Beginning

After over two years of stress and waiting, we are finally in our new house and beginning our journey. There is so much to do that at times it can seem overwhelming. There are repairs to be made on the main house, the garden vegetable beds to finish digging, the 10ft x20ft polytunnel to erect, and that is before we even start on renovating the large two-story stone outbuilding that will one day be our separate home.

Sometimes, you just have to begin at the beginning, start from scratch. That is pretty much what we are doing. It will take time and a lot of effort. How strange it will be one day to look back on all this and remember where we were at the very beginning. How satisfying it will be to think of the progress we have made towards a self-reliant and sustainable life!

We’ve actually been in the house since October, though progress has been fairly slow over the winter months. But we have already begun to make our mark here. Items were unpacked, repairs and a little decoration have been done, shrubs have been cleared, four oppressive conifers have been felled and in the orchard the last of the apples were picked and raspberry canes and garlic have been planted.

That has, I think, been a pretty good beginning.


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