Chitting First Early Potatoes and Starting Seeds Indoors

An exciting package arrived today – a large seed order, seed potatoes and onion sets that mean that I will soon be able to start populating the garden vegetable beds and polytunnel.

The potatoes, I will set to chit in egg boxes in a cool light place in the back porch. More beans and peas can be started off in toilet roll tubes inside, to be transferred into the polytunnel for earliest crops. Toilet roll tubes should never be just thrown away. They make perfect little pots to start seeds in. Some other things can also be started indoors to be planted out in March or early April.

Chitting First Early Potatoes on the Windowsill in Egg Boxes

Other peas, seed from last summer’s allotment crop, I will be growing for fresh greens, placing them close and eating the shoots when they are a few inches high. They are delicious – a concentrated hit of pea flavour months before the peas themselves are ready to eat. To ensure swift germination, I will place the seeds in water overnight before placing in their pots or trays.  Those will supplement the cress and cut and come again salad leaves as we move out of winter and into spring.

The batch of seeds I planted last Friday are just beginning to show their tiny shoots. I was pleased to see that the radish seeds I collected from the allotment have germinated – my first seed saving experiment has been a success.


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