Polytunnel Phase One

Polytunnel Marked Out and Side Beds Roughly Dug

Well, it is taking a long time but we have worked a bit on the polytunnel today. We have sunk half of the ground anchors and the posts that sit in them. Measuring them was a big part of the battle. We had to make sure they were all seated properly in the correct places. The rain did not make the work particularly pleasant, but at least all the ice is gone and it is not as cold as it has been here recently.

We found a lot of rocks as we dug the 35cm deep holes needed so digging was hard work! Fortunately, the ground itself has thawed sufficiently that the soil itself is fairly easy to work. Since precision will not be required for the next stage, we think that trenching the polythene will be easier… at least we hope so!

It has been a hard, tiring day. Still, now we have one side marked out and those poles placed, it will be easier to work from those and do the other side. Then we can get the metal poles all put together. I will update on progress tomorrow.


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