Polytunnel Construction Continues Apace

It turns out that putting up a polytunnel is a really big job! Today we went into the outbuilding and commenced joinery. Literally hundreds of nails later, we have assembled the doors for both ends. They should stand the test of time. At times it felt like overkill for an outdoor building but we followed the manufacturers instructions.

It was rather a frustrating job at times. There were quite a few nails that had been machined wrongly or were not fit for the job and some of the timber supplied was not very good quality. Still, the doors now they are finally together look fine.

Some of the trench for trenching the polythene has been dug but there is still a lot left of that to do, plus the holes to dig for the door frame to be set into. The frame construction is yet to be completed and then we have to cover the thing.

How do people manage to do this job with a couple of people over a weekend???


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