Crisis Averted – At Least For Now

Having yesterday experienced the downside of living in a house in the countryside with an old septic tank, today we found out first hand about one of the benefits of rural life – there is always someone nearby who you can call to help you out with little crises – like a broken septic tank pipe for example. The very friendly and helpful man who came over this morning was very familiar with our sewage installation – he has been sorting out problems with it for twenty years or more. He grew up at one farm within hailing distance and now lives at another, just within view of our front windows. He is clearly going to be the person to go to for lots of local info. He kindly cleared a blockage and made a repair, though we will have to go to some expense in future to replace things.

The septic tank is old, but functioning fine. But it was very full! Fortunately, another helpful man was able to come out just a couple of hours after we called him to solve that problem.


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