Broad Beans Sleeping in Their Blankety Beds

My mum reminded me of the children’s song with that line when my allotment broad beans were ripening last summer. Today I have had it as an ‘earworm’ all day. It keeps popping into my head every time I walk past the broad bean sprouts growing on the windowsill in their recycled toilet roll tubes.

Speaking of worms, those in the wormery seem to be doing nicely. When they were first settling in they tried to make a few bids for freedom but they seem happier in their home now. They do like to be kept warm at night though.

Also growing on windowsills about the house we currently have peas, radishes, cress, perpetual spinach and a variety of salads. There are also some onion sets taking root, and the chitting potatoes, which are indeed just beginning to sprout. Much of that will be moved out to the polytunnel. (When we eventually finish building it!)

A Few of the Broad Beans
A few more broad beans just sprouting.
Onion Sets
Onion sets setting roots.

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