Today at lunchtime I got outside for another hour or so of digging. We have been slowly digging the trench for the polytunnel polythene. There has been a lot of digging to do since we moved in here and there is a lot more still to do. Aside from the polytunnel groundworks, there are also six more vegetable beds to be dug.

When I say I will be digging the vegetable beds, what I really mean is that I will be taking the turf and flipping it over to expose the top soil and allow the grass to decompose. I am broadly going to be operating a ‘no dig’ or minimal dig system. We are fortunate to have soil that is a high quality loam which should be ideally suited to this sort of a system. So once we are finished with the initial creation of the beds, requirement for digging will be minimal.

The benefit of a ‘no dig’ system is that the soil is left in peace and the micro-organisms that inhabit it can get on with their jobs undisturbed. Worms can also be left alone to do their job and will aerate the soil for you. All you have to do is make sure to add in some good compost at the end of the year. (We and our worms are working on creating our own.) I shall also be experimenting with adding nutrients through a sort of chop and drop system, so we shall see how that goes.


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