Polytunnel Layout

Before we even bought the polytunnel I spent quite a lot of time on the web searching for layout ideas and plotting what to put where. Our polytunnel is not an enormous one, just 10ft x20ft, but I feel that it is just too wide to have just two wide beds. If we had gone for one central path with two wide beds down the sides it would have been a little awkward trying to reach the sides and I think that would have led to wasted space.

Instead, what we have gone for is a layout with two thin side beds and one central bed to take advantage of the extra height in the middle. There will be staging and a small area to sit in at the far end that will double as space for pots.

Our polytunnel layout.
Our polytunnel layout.

The beds are not raised and I will be planting straight into the earth. Ground cover is down that will prevent weeds from coming up through the paths. In the future we will be adding a surface to the paths which will increase thermal mass in the structure. The beds will be edged with logs which came from the conifers we felled in the garden.

So far, one side bed is created. That will allow me to plant the broad bean plants which I have hardened off over the last few days so I will do that tomorrow. Soon, the early peas and first early potatoes will follow. Gradually, the space will fill up and I will start making the most of the space with makeshift recycled shelving and baskets that I will hang from the crop bars.


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