A Successful Day

While I was working on my freelance writing today, others managed to clear the remaining conifer wood out of the way and built a long fence across the garden to deter the dogs from careering into the polytunnel and ripping the plastic. The garden is really beginning to come together now thanks to everyone’s hard work.

I was relieved to find that the broad beans in pots had survived their night in the polytunnel. At lunchtime I planted them into the bed I had prepared for them – the first plant inhabitants are finally in after all that hard work getting the space ready for them. I just hope they survive their first few nights in the ground and continue to develop strong root systems. The earliest peas are hardening off ready to be planted into the polytunnel bed next to the beans in the next few days.

Broad beans - first in the tunnel
Broad Beans – first in the polytunnel.
Pea Shoot Jungle
A Pea Shoot Jungle in various containers awaiting their turn to be planted into the polytunnel.

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