Peppers and Tomatoes

It may seem very early in the year to be thinking about these heat-loving plants but when you have a polytunnel you should start thinking about germinating those seeds now, so you have seedlings ready to pop in the tunnel when the temperatures start to rise. Peppers in particular have a very long growing season, so the earlier you can get them growing the better.

Since they have a high germination temperature, bell peppers, chilli peppers and tomatoes are best started indoors. I don’t have a propagator but I do have some plastic wrap and the warm top of the oil fired boiler in the utility room which I am hoping will serve the purpose. We will have to see whether the seeds will germinate there.

I have sown Ailsa Craig tomatoes, and Tumbling Tom, Rainbow Bell Peppers and Chilli Pepper Fuego. I have never grown any of them before so we shall see how we go.

Tomato Plant Cuttings
Tomato Plant Cuttings

I have also taken some cuttings today from last years tomato plants which have overwintered and kept growing successfully on the front porch windowsill. I have taken side branches and popped them in a glass of water to encourage them to grow roots. This is something I have never done before, so I shall report back if they do root.


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