Peas and Permaculture

The first peas are now in the polytunnel alongside the broad beans. With any luck they will provide us with our first peas of the year while those I will grow outside have only just begun to think about flowering.

Peas are an integral part of our garden plans. We all like to eat a lot of them and as a legume they are very useful in any rotation of annual beds and, along with the broad beans, will add many nutrients to the mix as a key part of the planned forest garden.

In the polytunnel, the peas are spaced out and will grow between twine stretched between bamboo canes. In the polytunnel I understand that spacing is important as overcrowded plants are more prone to diseases in the warm, humid environment. Outside however I intend to try something a bit different.

I plan to plant my peas in intensive wide rows between companion plants. It is an experiment but one I hope will succeed. The idea is that more peas can be grown in a small area and that the peas cling onto each other and pretty much support themselves. Whether or not this experiment will give high yield remains to be seen but in any case we should have plenty of peas from the polytunnel and orchard forest garden.


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