Feeding the Birds – Birdy Weather Forecast

Being able to look out at the garden every day at the birds is one of the lovely things about living out here in the countryside. We have been feeding them and they have been getting through a lot of food – and I mean a lot! The bird feeder containing seeds had to be filled up three times in one day at one point!

Bird Feeders

This probably does not come as a surprise to anyone who has regularly fed the birds in their garden but I did not realise that they would vary so much in their eating habits depending on the weather.

Our birds are very lucky – they have a seed mix, peanuts and fat balls. It has been very interesting watching to see which foodstuff is in demand. It has also been a good indicator of incoming weather – certainly better than the Met. Office. If a frost is coming, the peanuts and fat balls go down a lot quicker, while seeds are favoured if it is milder.

Becoming more in tune with the natural world around us is a big part of what we want to accomplish here.


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