New Seeds and Springtime

Well, the snow we had yesterday is all completely gone. It is still quite chilly but things do seem to be warming up again a bit now and the forecast (not to be trusted) says it will be getting quite a bit warmer still over the next few days. The sun came out for a while this afternoon. I suspect we will have a typically variable Scottish spring.

This morning before work I brushed the inch or two of snow from the top of the polytunnel with a long window-cleaning device. But now I am thinking of spring and moving forward with the next phase of seed sowing. The big batch of seeds I ordered on Sunday arrived today.

We have a whole variety of seeds that can be directly sown in the polytunnel in the next couple of weeks. I will also be able to make some space on the windowsills soon, shifting things into the tunnel that can be planted into the ground in there. (A few onions, perpetual spinach and a few hardy lettuces.) That will make space for me to start some more brassicas – brussels sprouts and kohlrabi etc. and some other bits and pieces that can then be planted outside into the vegetable beds at some point in April.


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