Clearing the Outbuilding

We have finally started work on clearing out the first section of outbuilding. It is a section of the old stone barn adjoining the house that was used by the last owners for storage. Before that we understand that it was used as an antique shop. There is electricity and lighting and the whole structure is more or less sound.

We spent the day clearing out things that had been stored in there, and have started the job of removing some ugly old 1970s panelling to reveal the stone walls beneath. Fortunately, some of the old panelling sections have come in handy and are going to used in the static caravan.

We are going to strip the whole thing back to the basic structure so we can see what we are dealing with and make a plan for how the space will finally be used. We need to remove all the panelling, carpets and at least some if not all of the flooring to see the bare bones of the place.

There are three rooms, which ideally we would like to open up to create a bigger space, though they are divided by big stone walls, so we are not yet sure exactly what we can and cannot do. We will be taking structural advice after the stripping back process is completed.

Before we moved in.
Before we moved in.
Progress in stripping back the room.
Progress in stripping back the room.

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