Hen Keeping in the ‘Forest Garden’

It is ‘green week’ in our local town, St. Andrews. We went to a skill share and met some hen keepers which has pushed us forwards with our own plans in this area. We knew we wanted to keep some hens for eggs and have now made our first steps towards accomplishing this goal.

We have chosen and ordered a chicken coop for the orchard/ eventual forest garden. The next step is getting some ex-battery hens. We would like to rehome some of these poor, abused creatures. They will almost definitely not give us as many eggs as purchased hybrids would give but they will be just as effective as other hens at enriching our compost and eating insects and being a part of our orchard ecosystem. It will also feel good to give these birds a good quality of life.

At the skill share we also made some contacts with an interest in sustainability and permaculture, forging links for the future. So I feel that today we have made a big step forward in making our sustainable life come together.


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