Currently Growing – An Update

A month or so ago I put some tomato cuttings in water and in the last few days they have begun to root properly. I will plant them in soil soon to swell the ranks of tomato plants that already throng the windowsills. The mammoth plants in the porch that have been inside all winter are still in flower.

Also growing in the house we have:

– Mixed cut and come again salad leaves, some almost ready to start harvesting, some just starting out.

– Spring Onions.

– The brassicas that will go outside later next month: calabrese, with a couple of sets of ‘true’ leaves these are romping along; cauliflowers and romanesco, just beginning to grow their first ‘true’ leaves, brussels sprouts and kohlrabi- just sprouting now.

– Leeks, growing very slowly as seems to be their modus operandi, but looking healthy still.

– Peppers, (a few bell and a few chilli) growing nicely on a sunny windowsill next to all the tomatoes I started from seed.

– Rainbow chard – on the verge of sprouting.

– French Beans – shoots just becoming visible.

– Courgettes, a few more peppers and cape gooseberries still in the homemade propagator. One or two courgettes seem to be showing signs of life already, but it is early days. No sign of the cape gooseberries yet.

Plus of course we have peas, broad beans, a few onions and first early potatoes in the polytunnel, waiting to put on a growth spurt as soon as it gets a bit warmer. I have also planted a few carrots, radishes and beetroots directly in there, though I feel it may have been a bit too early so we’ll have to wait and see.


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