Accidental Broccoli in the Forest Garden

The compost and bits and pieces that I brought back from the allotment when we moved in here has yielded an unexpected bonus – a broccoli shoot that I chucked in the pile after harvesting has reached for the sun and produced a few mini florets!

I expect to have all sorts of stuff popping up in the lasagna beds in the orchard – weeds and all will help build up the organic matter (and the chickens when we get them). At this stage I am still mostly at the observation and interaction stage with the future forest garden. Every day I am seeing something new. Buds are appearing and in the raised circular bed at the centre, sheltered daffodils are coming into bud and the strawberry runners planted last year had only a few browning leaves to remove. The garlic I planted is shooting up – though some cloves have had to be pushed back into the soil after being uprooted by the pigeons. Plenty of other plants are breaking earth – I look forward to discovering what they all are.

Accidental broccoli may not be an expected yield, but it was heartening to see something edible in the ground layer this early in the process. Perhaps our ‘lucky’ white heather is living up to its name.


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