The Importance of Inspiration, Self-regulation and Feedback

As a writer and, increasingly, as a follower of permaculture I take my inspiration from many different places. Much of it comes from friends and family, who may inspire a certain way of doing something or a change of some sort simply by making some small comment. They may also help things to progress by discussing things in depth. Being willing to think, change, adapt and accept feedback is a big part of living the sort of life we are trying to lead.

Over the weekend, I was inspired by our visit to a local organic farm, Pillars of Hercules, near Falkland, Fife. We popped into their lovely cafe for a drink and had a little look around the farm. We saw their polytunnels, growing fields and free-range chickens. I am inspired by the scale of their project and the organic produce they manage to provide to fans of local food.

There were some things, however, even with this well-established business, that we felt could be better – for example we disliked the plastic wrapping on many of the vegetables in the farm shop.

People who look at our own projects will likewise undoubtedly see flaws in the designs and I am sure many weaknesses in the execution. As long as we always keep an open mind, apply self-regulation and accept feedback, using it to adapt and progress, I am sure we will do just fine.


2 thoughts on “The Importance of Inspiration, Self-regulation and Feedback

  1. I’m not sure non-constructive feedback should be too relevant in your current position. You’re just starting out and learning the ropes. You’re also not looking to sell any of your produce at present. Unless the feedback is constructive, I’d pay it no mind. It doesn’t mean you stop learning and improving. I do know, however, that paying too much heed to the Pissy Polly’s of the world is the biggest obstacle to progress there is.


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