Herb Spiral Mark II

Since the weather has been rather dull and grey here for the last couple of days I have not done a lot more outside. Things inside and in the polytunnel continue to come along and I have been doing some more work on permaculture plans for the garden.

I built this little herb spiral at the allotment I had last year, using rocks I found when preparing the site.

Herb Spiral in late spring.
Herb Spiral in late spring.

This is a permaculture idea based on creating as many habitats as possible with different conditions in as small as space as possible, with plenty of productive edges. Plants that like sun go on the south side of the structure, things that like less moisture go high up, while things that like it wetter and colder live on the north side at the bottom.

Valuing edges and the marginal is important. Most of the vegetable beds have now been prepared and I have noticed that there is a section between the beds and the drive that would be perfect for beneficial herbs and flowers. A large number of rocks and stones have also been unearthed and we would like to use them for something nearby. I decided to design a herb spiral mark II to fit along the long, thinnish space which runs from north to south. It will be a spiral like the one above joined to another spiral with a snake-like link, with plenty of levels in sun and shade.

We will build it up a little bit like a small hugelkultur garden and we will fill it with lavender, as well as other herbs and flowers, to attract the pollinators and to make a pleasant and useful display that we can all enjoy.


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