Solar Eclipse

Today we were given cause to think far outside our little bubble of existence here as we stood outside in perfect spring weather and watched the solar eclipse.

Telescope all set up.
Telescope all set up.

We had a telescope and also some of the special glasses and since we were lucky to escape the cloud that covered much of the UK, we had a really, really good view. We were even able to see some sun spots through the telescope. Our postman came by and he had a look too – delighted to get a glimpse as he made his rounds.

I saw the partial eclipse back in the ’90s but when we went up to John O’Groats to watch the last eclipse we were unlucky – dense cloud cover obscured everything. So we could not believe how lucky we were with the weather today. What with this being Scotland – nothing was guaranteed!

A comfortable set up to watch the partial eclipse.
A comfortable set up to watch the partial eclipse.

The birds twittered like crazy as the world got darker, then went very quiet and disappeared from the garden feeders when we reached max. occlusion before they re-appeared en mass a minute or two later being very chatty again.

I like to think of all the other people in far flung locations who were all doing the same thing as us.


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