Forest Garden Hen Coop

No chickens yet but we do now have their house ready! We have had a lovely sunny day here today which we spent clearing (and relaxing) in the orchard/ forest garden. Then we built the coop for our future hens.

Chicken Coop Chicken Coop 2

We are going to rehome five ex-battery hens, which they think should come to us some time around the end of April, though the coop is big enough for several more so we can expand the flock at some point if we decide to do so.

Hens are a vital part of our forest garden plans and today we got a sense for the first time of how lovely that part of the garden is going to be in the summer sun.

We decided on a wooden coop after some deliberation though decided to buy a kit rather than build one ourselves from scratch because we have so much else to be getting on with here at the moment. Many people choose a plastic coop but we felt that we would rather not buy anything made of plastic, even if they are a little easier to keep clean. Its a personal choice.

We are a little concerned about foxes, so they will be confined to a run when we are out. Then of course they will be kept in their coop during the night. It is meant to be fox-proof, so we hope that they will be safe. The hens, once they are used to life outside, will be free-range in the walled orchard when we are around. In the long-term it will be full of food for them to forage. We hope it will be a lovely environment for them, where they can see out their days.

Now we just can’t wait for them to arrive!


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