A Home Office With a Difference

Working from home can be difficult on occasion but has its up side. When I can sit outside with my dog, writing on my battered old laptop on a sunny day I feel incredibly lucky.

My 'office' this morning.
My ‘office’ this morning. I saw and heard several enormous bumble bees, and bird life in full voice.

I sat in the orchard/forest garden for several hours and got quite a bit of work done. I didn’t even need to wear a coat. The dog enjoyed himself sniffing about and chasing insects. While I enjoy sitting out there, of course, another function of sitting there for longer periods of time is that I am able to observe the changing light, the sheltered portions and sunny spots, the wildlife that is around me. This will enable us to see what does and doesn’t work about the ecosystem and how we can make it more productive.

Took a quick break to capture the moment.
Took a quick break to capture the moment.

At lunchtime I did some watering in the polytunnel and outside. The polytunnel is getting really warm inside now on a sunny day. Radishes are sprouting up and it will soon be time to do some more direct sowing in there.

Believe it or not, we had a brief hail storm this afternoon! That is just our typical, changeable Scottish weather. Soon we will have to set up our rainwater collection systems properly to water everything when the weather settles. More on that before too long…


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