Seedlings Crowding Every Sunny Windowsill

Since the weather is not quite warm enough at night yet for seedlings to go into the polytunnel, we have things growing just about everywhere you look inside the house. Here is an update of what we currently have:

– Tomatoes, more tomatoes, more tomatoes and some peppers.

Tomato Ranks Tomatoes, chilli peppers Peppers and Tomatoes– Hosts of brassicas:

Bell peppers, cauliflowers, calabrese


More romanesquo and cauliflowers

Spring onions, Kohlrabi

Chard, Brussels sprouts, French beans

Some cut and come again salad leaves:

Mixed Salad, leeks
Also some leeks in the background.

More Mixed SaladSome crazy courgettes practically doubling in size every day:

Crazy CourgettesThere are also beetroots just beginning to sprout, more beans, runner and broad just germinating, and of course last year’s fruiting tomato plants which are taking over the front porch.

We also have lots of herbs, as well as quite a few flower seedlings too! It is a good job the polytunnel will be able to take over within the next few weeks because there is no space left at all!

I have to say though that even though we have seedlings everywhere, we did not spend money on things in which to put them.  The plastic pots were saved from prior purchases and re-used. We are using cardboard boxes, plastic food-packaging and toilet roll tubes so we are reducing waste as well as saving money while we work towards obtaining our yield.


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