Bread Baking and Micro Salads

One of the things we are not going to be able to do here is be entirely self-sufficient when it comes to grains for bread making – we just don’t have the space to grow enough to provide that part of our diet. At some point though we will look into supplementing the grains we buy, and of course we will have some seeds from the garden that can be added to bread.

What we can do is be clear about what we are ingesting. I make bread myself, so I can monitor exactly what goes into it. This also enables us to avoid at least some plastic packaging.

Today I made one of my basic, rustic crusty wholemeal loaves, with added mixed seeds which really add to the flavour.

Crusty Bread

With our dinner we also had a side dish of micro-greens – cress, spring onions and mixed salad leaves. One tiny step towards eating food that we have grown here ourselves.

Micro Greens


2 thoughts on “Bread Baking and Micro Salads

    1. With any good, basic loaf recipe, to get the crust really crusty the trick is to wet it with water before it goes in the oven. Better still if you can make the inside of the oven really steamy – so pop a tray of water in the bottom before you put the bread in. The other thing is to keep the temperature high when the bread first goes in. For this particular loaf I set the oven to 200 before reducing to around 150 after ten minutes or so, then baked for about 35-40 minutes more. Also key to crust – let the bread cool down properly and don’t store it in plastic – leave it on the counter or in a paper bag.
      I go against all the rules of breadmaking – shock horror – I sort of have a feel for my basic loaf and don’t weigh the flour or add an exact amount of water so I don’t have an exact recipe. But it is just flour (wholemeal 80%, strong white 20%), water, a little salt, fast action bread yeast (or sometimes bicarb. or starter if it is a soda bread) and a large handful of mixed seeds. So easy! I only weigh if I am trying something a bit different. 🙂


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