First Early Potatoes and Outbuilding Work

The first early potatoes went into the vegetable beds today. I made a shallow trench, lined the bottom with grass cuttings from the orchard/ future forest garden and planted them with chits upwards. I will earth up the shoots when they appear above ground and again when the plants are around 23 cm tall. It is too soon to place the companion plants but later the potatoes will share their bed with some thyme, marigolds and one or two other beneficial plants.

First Early Potato Bed
First Early Potato Bed

We have also done some more work on stripping out the outbuilding – removing stud work and revealing the stone walls behind.

Progress in stripping stud work away from the stone walls.
Progress in stripping stud work away from the stone walls.

The wood we removed is rough and has lots of nails that need to be removed but I have stacked it in a corner. Since we are trying to reduce the waste we create it is great that we will be able to reuse some of this wood to make a store for fuel for the stoves. Some of it can be used to make frames for vertical growing in the polytunnel. I may also make a cold frame at some point. We also have some glass that can be recycled for this purpose.

Wood for reuse.
Wood for reuse.

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