Squash, Pumpkins and Cucumbers

I have added to the host of seedlings this week by sowing a big batch of pumpkins, squash and cucumbers. It remains to be seen which of these varieties will thrive here, in the polytunnel for the most part, and which are not so successful in our climate.

Some of the seeds we have chosen are F1 hybrid seeds, so I am well aware that these are just for a bit of fun (and nourishment). Of course these specimens will not provide us with seed for next year. In any case, with several varieties sharing a small space, I expect that I would struggle to get anything to come true. I am hoping though that planting such a wide variety of plants will allow us to gauge which varieties to buy in coming years for seed saving.

There is a lot of debate about F1 seeds. Personally I prefer to plant mostly seeds that will produce plants from which I can get more seeds, but I see nothing wrong with a bit of experimentation along the way. F1 seeds can solve many problems so I personally think a blanket rejection would be a mistake, at least for us, at this early stage in our journey.

Others will make their own decisions about whether hybrid seeds should ever be part of a sustainable permaculture garden.


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