Botanic Gardens and Home Growing Update

Yesterday I took the littlest one on a trip to the Botanic Gardens in St. Andrews, our nearest town. It was another delightfully warm and sunny day and we spent several hours there. Everything was lush and blooming.

Blossoms Botanic Gardens 3 Botanic Garden 2

They have gone out of their way there to make it a fun experience for children. We took a path through the gardens called the ‘Gruffalo Trail’ – with models and activities based on the kid’s book.

Gruffalo Trail 2 Gruffalo Trail

Not all the animals were models. We saw this grey squirrel while we were having a picnic.

Grey Squirrel

It was lovely to see all the plants they have growing there, both outside and in the hot-houses.

Greenhouse 1 Cacti

Meanwhile, at home, we too have lots growing – though our operations are not quite on the same scale, of course! Many of my squash, pumpkins and cucumbers have germinated and are sprouting in double quick time. The mixed salad is also now sprouting prolifically in the polytunnel and all the plants in there are growing more quickly since the weather has been so lovely over the last week or so.


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