Potting Up, Companion Planting and More

We were expecting it to be rather a damp weekend but although we have had a few showers, most of the time it has continued rather dry and not too cold. It was warm enough yesterday to sit out in the garden for a while. I also took the time to earth up the first early potatoes one last time.

I have been working flat out today as there is so much that needs to be done in the house, polytunnel and garden. Here is what I have managed to do so far:

– Pot up lots of squash and cucumbers.

A few of the many squash.
A few of the many squash.

– Pot up a huge forest of tomatoes.

Tomato Jungle.
Tomato Jungle.

– Pot up all the bell and chili peppers.

Potted up Bell Peppers

– Plant out brussels sprouts into the vegetable beds.

– Plant out peas and beans into the forest garden.

Peas and Beans in Forest Garden

– Add some companion plants to the polytunnel.

Peas with companion plants Marigold

– I have also planted a few more lettuce seeds and pak choi to keep supplies going.

Lovely flowers are springing into bloom in the polytunnel on the peas and beans and all around the garden.

Pea flower in the polytunnel.
Pea flower in the polytunnel.

Lots of blossom


6 thoughts on “Potting Up, Companion Planting and More

  1. I’ve been reading about companion planting – so much to learn. Anyway, like you, I will be planting beans in the forest garden, though I’ve only just started them off so I’ve got a while to wait.

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