Seriously??? Snow???!!!

Yup. Snow. Heavy snow. This is probably going to be a pretty big disaster for all the plants seduced into blossom by the gorgeous weather we’ve been having lately and all the delicate young plants I have planted out over the last couple of weeks. Even hardy plants will surely be pretty shocked by going from 15-18 or so degrees to this.

Blossom in the snow. :(
Blossom in the snow. šŸ˜¦
Marigolds in the snow
Please excuse the photo – I took it from the window as I did not fancy going outside in this blizzard. Marigolds and herb spiral in the snow – RIP ?

I have brought in some refugees from the polytunnel where they had been sitting this morning in brilliant sunshine with the door of the tunnel wide open. I am struggling to find enough space for everything indoors, especially since the wood burning stoves are going to be installed so two rooms have to be cleared before work commences on Wednesday. Aaargh! Not a good day.


9 thoughts on “Seriously??? Snow???!!!

    1. Thanks. We’ll just have to see what survives and for the rest, I have more seeds… I just hope that the blossom doesn’t fall in the orchard before fruit sets – it would be a shame not to see what we have there on our first year in the house.

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    1. Well the snow melted almost immediately – though it was heavy for about half an hour or so, maybe a bit longer. No frost though. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what comes through it. I am in Scotland but here in Fife this is not typical at all… oh well.

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  1. yep we just had 12hours of rainfall here in the french alps, cant see the mountains for all of the cloud cover…but snowfall in scotland, i guess its not that unusual as the seasons r going a tad bezzerk especially after the sunny spell that hit us since the eclipse.. may i suggest putting a thick layer of gud organically grown hay over your beds to protect the soil from frost and will keep the roots warm for the plants

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    1. Thanks – some things are okay – peas, broad beans, most of the brassicas seem to be okay so far. Everything in the polytunnel is still fine. šŸ™‚ The beetroot outside may pull through. The marigolds outside and the herbs have had it I think. We have yet to assess the damage for the nasturtiums and other companion flowers. Unfortunately the weather here is really cold this week – no frost but very cold, so I have given some of the more delicate things in the unheated polytunnel a bit more protection and we’ll have to see how they do. Not sure if the potatoes and peas beneath the ground still will be okay? Where has all that lovely weather gone?! Oh well, c’est la vie. šŸ™‚ We do live in Scotland after all!


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