Hens Home At Last – But I am not!

I am writing this from my mother-in-laws house in Yorkshire. We are down here for a few days helping her with a few DIY jobs around the house. While we are having a lovely time it is bad timing as while my we are down here our new ex-battery hens have finally arrived! We adopted them in the end them through the excellent charity ‘A Wing and a Prayer’. Now we have not five as we originally intended but six lucky ladies who have now happily set up residence in the orchard/forest garden.

Hens HenIntroducing then, Clara, Henrietta, Florence, Martha, Gladys and Dorcas – though I am yet to meet them myself!

It sounds as though they are already loving their new lives – scratching around in their run. They have laid six eggs already – clearly as their systems have not yet climbed down from their intensively farmed schedule. It will be interesting to see what happens to egg production when they become fully integrated into free-range life.

In any case, the chickens are here to stay – any gifts they choose to give us are purely incidental.
Hens exploring their new home

First of many more to come?
First of many more to come?

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