Long Overdue Update

Everything here has been coming along really nicely. The hens have settled in remarkably well. They have been free range around the orchard/ future forest garden and though they are still a little feather free in places, they seem to be healthy and we have continued to get around three eggs a day from the six of them.

Chickens ranging in orchard Happy Chicken

Things in the polytunnel are also coming along really well and it feels rather crowded in there now! We have been harvesting quite a lot already- so far we’ve had the first plant’s worth of baby new potatoes (still pretty small), bucket fulls of mixed salad leaves and spinach, mange tout peas, radishes, small bulbs of red onions and their greens, spring onions, pak choi and little gems.

Peas and beans getting enormous! Plenty of mange tout.
Peas and beans getting enormous! Plenty of mange tout.
Flowering courgettes.
Flowering courgettes.
First tomato in the polytunnel - a Tumbling Tom.
First tomato in the polytunnel – a Tumbling Tom.
Uchiki Kuri squash plant.
Uchiki Kuri squash plant.

Inside the tomatoes in the porch are ripening now.

Ripe tomatoes.
Ripe tomatoes.

We had a lovely weekend sitting out in the sunshine in the garden with a friend who was staying – spending some time getting to know the hens – one of them who we have called Martha has already revealed a fascination with falling water – she came running while I was going the watering and stared in amazement. So if we want to find her we just have to fetch the watering can! The others are harder to recognise but I am getting there!

I’ll update on the vegetable beds tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “Long Overdue Update

    1. Thanks. 🙂 I guess that it depends on the dog – if they eat the poop it might be a problem? Rolling in it could also be a problem, maybe? So far our dogs have only been around the chickens on lead. They mostly play and spend time in a separate area of garden. Though in our orchard the poop seems fairly unobtrusive except in the vicinity of the coop, food and water where they spend a lot of time. We’ve just been brushing/scooping up the worst of it and popping it in the compost heap.


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