An Update on Garden Creatures

We are not the only ones who are enjoying our garden, polytunnel and orchard/ forest garden. Our six chickens are settling in extremely well now. Dorcas, who was the least feathered and the smallest now looks like this:

Dorcas has developed beautiful brown flecks now and is one of the larger hens!
Dorcas has developed beautiful brown flecks now and is one of the larger hens!

This is what the poor thing looked like soon after she arrived:

What a difference!
What a difference!

The others are also doing rather well, and all of them are laying almost every day now! We are barely able to get through all the eggs we get from them. As free range chickens they are happily going about their business in the orchard, eating some of my strawberries and laying their eggs in the most awkward places. Two of them decided to lay right in a corner and it took us a while to realise – I found 17 eggs there a few days ago! All were fresh though, fortunately, which I checked by putting them in water. Here are some of the other girls, clucking around:

Chickens in July

The wild birds are also doing rather well here still. Though some cheeky corvids were stealing the chicken’s food the other night while they were inside the coop so we are now making sure to put the food container inside the run at night.

There was also a toad in the orchard a while ago – the first toad we have seen here and we were all very happy the other day when a frog was spotted in the pond out behind the polytunnel. We had been keeping our fingers crossed that some creatures would move into the pond – with any luck there will be more to come.

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