New Hampshire

I thought of books I have read by the author, John Irving as we entered New Hampshire and I could almost imagine rounding a corner to see the Meany Granite Quarry or something. Stony river beds wound through the forest as we headed on towards the White Mountains and I am almost sure that I saw a black bear in one of them, just a silhouette in the distance.

We visited the delightful little town of Franconia before heading for our next campground in Crawford Notch. There we camped in a beautiful forest clearing just a few feet from another river, where we cooled off in the much cooler water after pitching up.

After a reasonably early start we headed for the Mount Washington Auto Road. It is a rather lazy way of reaching the top of a mountain perhaps but not without its challenges! Honestly, I am not that bad with heights but I have to say I have never been more terrified in a car! Don’t get me wrong, it was exhilarating but coming up the mountain road without guard rails is definitely not for the faint hearted!

After completing the road and making it safely back down we started the long journey to the coast of Maine.


One thought on “New Hampshire

  1. Oh, John Irving is one of my very favorite writers EVER. One year, we were driving home from Maine & got a bit lost & found ourselves near Exeter, New Hampshire. My very patient husband agreed to extend our 9 hour ride by ANOTHER hour and drove me around; I was just SURE I was going to see J. I. himself walking down the street.


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