Gloucester, Salem and Boston

The following day we moved on again, both of us feeling rather more cheerful though both now pretty itchy too. We did a little of what we had planned to do the day before but which I had felt rather to tired and drained to do. We took a quick look around Gloucester, which we felt was an honest and ‘real’ place and which we both liked. The oldest seaport in America had definitely left us with a good, if fleeting, first impression.

We then made our way to Salem where, since we did not have much time, we decided to visit the Witch House, an interesting museum where the judge of the Salem Witch Trials once lived with his family. I understand that this is the only building in Salem still standing that has a connection to those events and if only for that reason, it was worth a visit. We also saw a number of historic houses in the neighbourhood.

We would have liked to have spent a little more time in Salem but we also wanted to have time to see Boston so we moved on. We checked into the Milton Hotel, in Boston in the mid afternoon and set out right away on foot to see some of what Boston had to offer. We walked across Boston Common and began to follow the red line of bricks that marks the Freedom Trail. We got a good taste of the city before retiring to the hotel for the night.


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