More Maine, Massachusetts and Mosquitoes

Rather belatedly, I will continue to update you on what we did during the second half of our trip. We arrived home on Sunday and both my husband and I were straight back to work on Monday so we are still trying to adjust and get back into the swing of things.

So, after we had taken a quick look at Bass Harbor Lighthouse and left Bass Harbor we took route 1 south to another campground close to Kennebunkport. Salty Acres Campground gave us a peaceful pitch with views out over the river, though we were rather closer to neighbouring pitches than we would have liked. Still, we had a campfire and enjoyed our evening. Unfortunately, I had been bitten rather a lot by Maine mosquitoes and was feeling quite itchy and as the night progressed I became rather unwell, which I think was some sort of a reaction to the bites.

By morning I felt really woozy and had a terrible ear ache so unfortunately we did not spend much time exploring the area but rather headed off on the next leg of our journey, finding some painkillers on the way. Fortunately, the painkillers kicked in and I was soon feeling a bit more normal again, if still rather itchy, taking in route 1 as it passed us by. Though since I was unwell we unfortunately did not manage to make any scenic detours along the coast.

We arrived in the Cape Ann area of Massachusetts around lunchtime and since I was feeling a bit better, we explored a little of the cape, making our way through Gloucester and round the scenic route to picturesque Rockport and back before we found our campsite and pitched up.

It was still very hot (30-34 degrees throughout the afternoon) and so we simply relaxed around the pleasant, quiet and half-empty Cape Ann Campsite. We had a pleasant, large site in the woodland. As the evening drew close, however, I decided as I was still not feeling 100% that I would rather sit inside the tent rather than enjoy a campfire as I did not want to get any more bites, so we just read and chatted with me inside the tent and my husband outside.

Until this point my husband had been rather lucky and the mosquitoes had all gone for me but with me inside the tent, the mosquitoes all went for him. It was only the following day that he realised how many times they had got him!

We had been through the low point of the trip but after this, things got much better again!


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