Provincetown, Cape Cod

Belatedly, let me relate the next part of our adventure. After leaving Boston we took a quick look at Harvard and some of the University buildings before we headed south, making our way out and around the beckoning finger of Cape Cod.

After the mosquitoes that we had all those problems with earlier in the trip, we guiltily decided that we would not camp but would stay in indoors accommodation for the last few days of our trip. We took a room at the Harbor Hotel in Provincetown.

The hotel/motel was delightfully Mad Men style, familiar from so many movies and television programmes. It had wonderful views over Cape Cod Bay which we enjoyed from the outdoors terrace after taking a look around baking Provincetown.

Provincetown was busy bustling and filled with an interesting mix of tourist tat and interesting galleries. We sat on a bench dedicated to the dogs that came over the Mayflower. It was a really dog-friendly place – shame we could not sneak our dog on the plane!

At the hotel, we met a friendly lady who was visiting with her mum and sisters – she too keeps chickens and we had a chat about our set up here and compared notes.

We felt a little guilty about not camping – even more so as we sat, that evening after dark, around a gas powered outdoors camp fire! Such a non-sustainable and crazy idea and one that seemed to be fitting considering our decision to eschew our usual real camp fire and tent pitch.


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