Plums on the Brain

I think all of the work I have been doing to preserve all of our plum harvest has made me go plum crazy! Only joking, but it certainly seemed to influence me when it came to choosing a paint colour for the walls in the little living room we are using until we renovate the outbuilding. For some reason I was just drawn to a colour called ‘ripe mulberry’ – a rich plummy colour. I wonder why?!

On a whim we decided that we should really get round to doing something about the terrible 1980s wallpaper and hideous patterned carpet in there. We’ve been working on that after work in the evenings, which is part of the reason why I feel I have barely had a second to spare lately.

We did however get away camping last weekend – more about which in my next post. We have now finished painting the walls, two plum, two white and are working on the new flooring. Soon we will be able to more back in there and get back to some kind of normality!

In other news, we have created drawings of our plans for the outbuilding with our architect and are now waiting to hear whether the council planning department will agree to let us do what we would like to do. Fingers crossed. It will probably be a while before we hear so we can’t do anything on that at the moment, which is why we chose to do something about the space we are using for now. Bad timing, perhaps, but it already looks a lot better.


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