Getting to Know the Chickens

We are getting to know the chickens now and they are definitely getting to know us. They are all getting very curious and seem happy to see me when I go into the orchard/ forest garden to see them.

Things I have learned about our hens:

– Henrietta has taken a liking to me and comes running whenever I go near, far quicker than the others. She also likes my wedding ring and keeps trying to peck it.

– Gladys likes to lay her eggs in amongst some flowers under a bush, rather than in the nesting boxes like the others.

– Martha is the one who loves water – she comes running if we get the watering can or hose out. She also likes shiny things like my rings and is very curious.

– Poor Dorcas is least feathered and smallest and seems to be at the bottom of the pecking order. Still not sure who is in charge, but Dorcas is on the fringes a little. She does get plenty of food but I think she waits until last.

The most feathered two are Florence and Clara and they are a little harder to tell apart but I am sure their idiosyncrasies will reveal themselves before too long.

I have also learned that the hens love pea shoots (almost all gone from the wild bit of the forest garden I had planted for them) and our girls really, really love comfrey! They have eaten all the leaves from my two comfrey plants. Great news for their nutrition, but I am going to have to fence off the comfrey patch until it is established!