Frogs, Frogs and More Frogs!

To think that I was a little worried that we would never get any frogs in our pond! After we have had a few rather wet and rainy days, we now have hundreds, and I mean hundreds, of tiny baby frogs hopping around in the back garden.

I first noticed because one of the little guys had make it in through the back door and was hopping across the hallway!


We then went outside and saw a few more and soon discovered that there are literally hundreds of them. We have rescued some that were close to the back door and deposited them in our pond. We hope that some of them will survive and make their home there, though of course many will succumb to natural predation etc.. In the meantime we are enjoying these amusing little creatures.

Frogs hiding in the grass.
Frogs hiding in the grass.

Amazing Pond Progress

While I was working today amazing progress has been made on the pond. I think it looks fantastic and I am sure it will look even better once the water has cleared and the plants have had a chance to take over.

Planted up wildlife pond.
Planted up wildlife pond.
A gentle beach on this side of the pond so any creatures can get in and out easily.
A gentle beach on this side of the pond so any creatures can get in and out easily.

We are expecting rain but it has not come yet. It is a shame that it comes on the weekend but the plants do all desperately need it – we have even had to fill the water butts from the tap a couple of times because we’ve had so little rain! With any luck the watery theme will continue and we will get the rain that is forecast.

Flowers on Broad Beans and Peas and the Pond is Full

Another really warm day today has brought the first early potatoes on even faster and I can now see flowers forming on the broad beans.

Flowers forming on the broad beans.
Flowers forming on the broad beans.

And on some of the peas.

First flowers on the early peas.
One of the few first flowers on the early peas.

The liner for the wildlife pond has been installed and the pond is now full of water and awaiting plants and the evolution of a complete and healthy ecosystem.

Pond Full of WaterI am looking forward to seeing the pond filled with native plants and I hope we will have frogs and other pond life before too long.

A Busy Week

It has been a rather busy week and I have been too rushed or too tired to give much time to this blog but I will remedy that now with an update on progress in the garden.

The first early potatoes have been earthed up twice and are bursting through once more in the polytunnel.

Potatoes three days after earthing up! Potato plants

More maincrop potatoes are in the ground and others I have planted in Ikea bags beside the polytunnel.

Potatoes planted in Ikea bags

I have moved some peas into the orchard/forest garden area.

Peas in forest garden

Calabrese and romanesquo have made their way out to the vegetable beds, where more peas have also just been directly sown. Cauliflower will follow shortly.

Brassicas under pigeon net
Brassicas netted against pigeons.

Kohlrabi and beetroots have been hardening off ready to plant out too. I will do that this weekend.

Kohlrabi hardening off in the polytunnel.
Kohlrabi hardening off in the polytunnel.

Courgettes are also in the polytunnel, with bubble wrap on hand to protect it if we have a cold night. I have planted them more closely than is advised as one or two were too long in the pots and got a bit squashed so may not make it.

Courgettes in Polytunnel

I also forgot to mention before that we now have our water butt set up out back to water in the polytunnel and the outside tap by the orchard/forest garden has been fixed so we can use the hose to water on that side of the house.

There are plenty of flowers blooming about the place and lots of busy bees.

Flowers Lucky white heather and daffodils

Free wood from outside my husband’s workplace. (They were going to chip it so it was up for grabs.)

Free Wood

And the pond is coming along nicely.

Dug pondNow it is the weekend I can really get on with things!