Time Flies…

Oops. I really did mean to update this blog a lot sooner than I have done but things have been all go recently on the work front and of course there is always lots to do around here.

Just after I wrote my last post we celebrated one year here, one year since we started to transition to this more sustainable way of life. It does not feel like a year but we have done a lot since we got here. We have made a lot of progress and eaten a lot of home grown food. We erected our polytunnel, prepared vegetable bed areas, rescued the chickens, did work on the house and – great news – we finally have the planning permission to carry out our planned eco-conversion/renovation of the outbuildings!

There have been many successes and several failures – by and large though the baby steps we have taken have really added up and it is pretty staggering when we look back and see how far we have actually come.

The garden is not looking at its best at this time of year but we do have a few things still growing. I have plantedĀ onions and garlic and a few swedes and Brussels sprouts still in the vegetable beds and in the polytunnel there are a variety of winter cabbages, beetroot and a few other bits and bobs. Some herbs are in on the windowsill for winter, others are drying nicely. There are plenty of jars of jams and chutneys to see us through the coldest months and a few things like peas and beans in the freezer. We have one small pumpkin/squash on the windowsill still.

The chickens all seem to be doing well. We are still getting two or three eggs most days even though the weather has got so much colder. The girls saw snow for the first time the other day – they were not too impressed. I gave them some porridge to warm them up.

I still have a lot of tidying up to do in the vegetable beds before the ground freezes too hard and the orchard/forest garden is the main area that will get my attention over the winter. Time flies and there is no rest for the wicked…

Seriously??? Snow???!!!

Yup. Snow. Heavy snow. This is probably going to be a pretty big disaster for all the plants seduced into blossom by the gorgeous weather we’ve been having lately and all the delicate young plants I have planted out over the last couple of weeks. Even hardy plants will surely be pretty shocked by going from 15-18 or so degrees to this.

Blossom in the snow. :(
Blossom in the snow. šŸ˜¦
Marigolds in the snow
Please excuse the photo – I took it from the window as I did not fancy going outside in this blizzard. Marigolds and herb spiral in the snow – RIP ?

I have brought in some refugees from the polytunnel where they had been sitting this morning in brilliant sunshine with the door of the tunnel wide open. I am struggling to find enough space for everything indoors, especially since the wood burning stoves are going to be installed so two rooms have to be cleared before work commences on Wednesday. Aaargh! Not a good day.