A Busy Week

It has been a rather busy week and I have been too rushed or too tired to give much time to this blog but I will remedy that now with an update on progress in the garden.

The first early potatoes have been earthed up twice and are bursting through once more in the polytunnel.

Potatoes three days after earthing up! Potato plants

More maincrop potatoes are in the ground and others I have planted in Ikea bags beside the polytunnel.

Potatoes planted in Ikea bags

I have moved some peas into the orchard/forest garden area.

Peas in forest garden

Calabrese and romanesquo have made their way out to the vegetable beds, where more peas have also just been directly sown. Cauliflower will follow shortly.

Brassicas under pigeon net
Brassicas netted against pigeons.

Kohlrabi and beetroots have been hardening off ready to plant out too. I will do that this weekend.

Kohlrabi hardening off in the polytunnel.
Kohlrabi hardening off in the polytunnel.

Courgettes are also in the polytunnel, with bubble wrap on hand to protect it if we have a cold night. I have planted them more closely than is advised as one or two were too long in the pots and got a bit squashed so may not make it.

Courgettes in Polytunnel

I also forgot to mention before that we now have our water butt set up out back to water in the polytunnel and the outside tap by the orchard/forest garden has been fixed so we can use the hose to water on that side of the house.

There are plenty of flowers blooming about the place and lots of busy bees.

Flowers Lucky white heather and daffodils

Free wood from outside my husband’s workplace. (They were going to chip it so it was up for grabs.)

Free Wood

And the pond is coming along nicely.

Dug pondNow it is the weekend I can really get on with things!

Potatoes, Pond and Plant Food

The weather today has been a lot cooler than of late and it has been rather windy. None the less we have managed to get on with some jobs in the garden and polytunnel. Potatoes were the main mission of the day.

I have planted some maincrop potatoes in the vegetable beds.

Maincrop potatoesThere are still more to plant but I made a start. I dug a trench and filled it with grass cuttings mown today from the orchard/ future forest garden before planting. While those potatoes are just starting out, those in the polytunnel are racing ahead. I had to earth them up.

Fortunately, I had a ready supply of topsoil from the wildlife pond we are creating in the corner behind the tunnel. While I sowed a few more lettuces and transplanted some spring onions into the tunnel, digging work commenced.

Beginnings of the wildlife pond.
Beginnings of the wildlife pond.

I took the soil removed from the site removed some roots and used it for the earthing up.

Earthed up first early potatoes.
Earthed up first early potatoes.

It almost feels mean to cover up the healthy potato plants that have forged their way above the soil but it is necessary if we are to get tubers and not just a bushy plant above ground. I will keep more soil to hand for the next earthing up.

I also started a nettle/weed bin to make a fertiliser to use as a tomato feed. Once the forest garden in established I plan to use a lot of comfrey but my comfrey patch is not yet established enough to harvest so I am using nettles and some other weeds for now. I used a bin we already had and a mesh bag that the onion sets came in to keep the weeds in place below the water.

Weed bin. I will add mesh bags with weeds as time goes on and when 'brewed' I will dilute it to the colour of tea and water the tomatoes with it.
Weed bin. I will add mesh bags with weeds as time goes on and when ‘brewed’ I will dilute it to the colour of tea and water the tomatoes with it. The mesh bags will allow the leaves to infuse and break down but will stop gunk from blocking the watering can when I decant it. Debree left in the mesh bags I will just pop on the compost heap later in the year.

If this goes as it should, we will have plenty of plant food to feed all our hungry triffids over the coming months.